Dignity… In the Father’s Arms

What happens to people’s minds when their culture — what John Paul II called a culture of death — informs them that human life is not only disposable but apparently an existential evil to the planet? What happens to the psyche of our children and young adults who are repeatedly told that they are just a random by-product of evolution, that their existence is “overpopulating” the earth, that their “carbon footprint” is ruining the planet? What happens to seniors or the ill when they are told that their health issues are just costing the “system” too much? What happens to youth who are encouraged to reject their biological sex? What happens to one’s self-image when their worth is defined, not by their inherent dignity but by their productivity? 

The answer is that we lose our dignity… and the consequences are all around us.

In this talk, Mark Mallett tells us how to recover our dignity… by returning to the Father.